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Scottish Gaelic classes

Interested in learning Scottish Gaelic?
Looking to improve your conversation skills or grammar?
I offer private tutoring for individuals or small groups via online video or audio call.

I work with a range of different materials depending on your own level of Gaelic and what you hope to gain from studying the language. Each course is tailored to you and will move at a pace that suits your learning needs.

Prices start from just £17 for 30 minutes.
Please head to the bookings page to book your first class!
If you don't see a time that suits you, please get in touch to discuss your individual requirements.


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Feedback & Reviews

"I am an adult learner from Canada in my first year of learning Scottish Gaelic. Eleanor was recommended to me by Dr. Moray Watson, of the University of Aberdeen, to assist me in my language studies.  My study partner and I have been taking weekly Skype lessons with Eleanor since February 2018.  Eleanor has made the lessons fun and informative, offering up not only assistance in speaking and understanding but also a little history behind the language as well.  Along with working from the series of "Progressive Gaelic" books we also have an impromptu conversation each week on various subjects.  This can be rather challenging for new learners but she is encouraging and helps us to overcome any apprehension we have in attempting colloquial Gaelic.  She is  quick to pick up any mispronunciations (and there are many!) and she explains to us, in detail, how to achieve just the right sound (or as close to it as as any learner may get).  Her feedback on our weekly "homework" exercises has helped us understand the written word as well and has encouraged us to want to learn more.  It has been a pleasure working with Eleanor and I hope to continue my Skype sessions with her for some time to come."


"I am a beginner in learning the Gaelic language and currently I nearly finished my third month of having a Gaelic class given by Eleanor together with another student. I already booked another two months, which alone can be taken as a reference itself. I really enjoy classes. They are very informative and at the same time entertaining. Eleanor encourages us to speak which is a real challenge for me. But she is very patient with me when I stutter my clumsy Gaelic sentences. Anyway, I hope this may help me to get more fluent in the future. In each unit she covers new material and repeats already learned things. At the same time she is also open to our suggestions what we would like to repeat in more detail.
I really look forward to the next two months!"


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